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Attention Literary Agents

I don’t self-publish. I am currently seeking agency for the following exciting and world-class Novellas:

The Orchard


Nudie Mag

Kill Switch

Why represent my work?

My writing style is informed by one of the most unconventional and subversive literary movements of the 20th century – the Beat Generation. My books are a catalyst between the antiestablishment spirit of the Beats and a 21st-century audience. With all the unrest in the world, there’s no better time for readers to embrace my unscrupulous characters.

There’s a plethora of modern readers who aren’t being catered for—interested in underdogs like the dramatis personae within my books. Readers (who enjoy Richard Braughtin, Chuck Palahniuk, Irvine Welsh), who are amused at the individualistic and sometimes discreditable acts described within these pages.

What’s in it for you?

A unique opportunity to represent a new and exciting voice in transgressive fiction. My work offers a strong blend of deviance and sophisticated social commentary. As such, my novels will attract a wide and loyal audience, heavily invested in my characters.

For the opportunity to represent Gene Head in the publication of the Elmo Brenner series, register your interest on the Contact Page. When I hear from you, I guarantee a same-day response.

Introducing Elmo Brenner

Drunk, Despicable, Doomed… What could go wrong?

He’s the unvarnished embodiment of the bohemian hedonist, often found carousing about an iconoclastic life philosophy over a slew of beer bottles and trading conventional values for instant gratification. Saddled with an alcohol dependency, Elmo flits from one meaningless day to the next, seeing the world through inebriated, surreal visions, and scrutinizing himself and society as a whole. His is a life littered with acts of depravity and deceit. Sometimes unspeakably so.

Novella 30,000 Words

When Elmo befriend’s a shy racing greyhound his life is changed. Despite his best efforts his new lady dog, Kill Switch, gives him gelid responses to all his friendly gestures, yet he’s drawn to her because of her glowing light bulb eyes (that no one else can see). With his day job at the fishing docks becoming tedious, Elmo needs extra money in order to quit, and when he discovers how lightning fast Kill Switch can run, the pair come to a provisional agreement and make their fortune at the racetrack.

Focusing on their scheme to the exclusion of all else, Elmo stumbles blindly through a flaming gauntlet of personal problems. Soon he admits he’s being stalked by an unstable woman with a personal vendetta, his neighbour’s wife has been siphoning electricity from his power box to save herself money, and he slowly comes to suspect his own girlfriend of poisoning him.

Elmo knows Kill Switch could be the only female in his life not sending him mad, but even she won’t let him pet her!

Set on the backdrop of the gorgeous Australian Sunshine Coast, this drunken journey through Elmo’s ongoing woman troubles will have you laughing and leering all at the same time.

Novella 29,000 Words

In a remote Queensland town, Elmo is reluctantly glued to a fish tank cleaning job at Australia’s only Outback Aquarium. He boozes his way through dreary employment duties while he barely tolerates a girlfriendcolleagues, and a public too stupid for him to respect. When his boss fires him for misconduct, Elmo gets the last laugh by stealing the prize attraction; a 400-centimetre Giant Pacific Octopus named Fakhruddin.

Keeping the creature in a shallow bathtub, Elmo celebrates his small victory until discovering Fakhruddin stealing all his beers from the fridge! Following this, his life is then turned on its head as Fakhruddin dominates the household, demanding his favourite TV channels, whipping Elmo around the backside with his own leather belt, and dealing punishment to misbehaved children at friendly barbecues.

Elmo’s problems haven’t finished there, either. Soon he’s lost his girlfriend, his reputation and maybe even his sanity, as he stumbles through surreal, drunken hallucinations, and to claim it all back, Elmo’s forced to face the most evil man in town in horrifying show down.

Hilarious, grisly, self-aware and enjoyably wordy, Head’s latest book uncovers Elmo’s dark past and is in its own special way, perfectly Supercilious.

Novella 38,000 Words

In this picaresque fiction novella Gene Head uses the platform of the untouchable farmer’s daughter cliché’ to craft a tale of significant emotional impact, unearthing the power of denial in a character dominated by a lifestyle of instant gratification and alcohol addiction.

Unskilled labourer Elmo Brenner will relish over fine German symphonies, but on paper he’s a factotum in one menial job and out another. It’s business as usual when he lands fruit picking work on a North Queensland farm and Elmo fills his time outside Orchard duties with booze and mischief.

When Elmo’s employer learns of his truck license, he’s instructed to haul yield cross country. The pay raise is attractive, but he’ll be giving the farmer’s daughter a ride along, and she’s off limits. During a three-day road trip peppered with alcoholic mishaps and the odd bar fight, Elmo’s life spins from his control. By the time they make it to Central Australia, he’s had just a taste of what surreal nonsense lies in wait for his beer-soaked mind. Elmo is about to discover a personal secret so dark; he must drink for weeks to face the horror.

Novella 20,000 Words

Out of boredom, a man sneaks a men’s magazine from the stash at his workplace, and over breakfast, reads a story from the back-page forum to his wife. It’s a letter to the editor sent in by long time reader Elmo Brenner, and it’s a lengthy one. After reading Elmo’s “True Erotic Story,” the couple are deeply moved by it.

Elmo’s story:

Garbage collector Elmo Brenner trades philosophy and arguments against God with anyone over a beer—or six. Happily married and living for the weekend in his small Australian everytown, he’s more concerned with Beethoven and booze than the share price. But his deliberately meaningless life turns into a lust-filled orgy when every woman in the world suddenly becomes an overheated nymphomaniac.

Delighted with his wife’s newfound antics, Elmo ignores the sexual fires consuming the community and immerses himself in a one-man, one-woman descent into depravity. But the “every man’s dream” plague vanishes overnight, leaving all females frigid… except Elmo’s wife. And now that she’s the object of all men’s desire, his hands are full keeping her from satisfying her inexhaustible urges with everyone but him.

Can Elmo keep it up when everybody wants a piece of his wife’s arse?

If you like gritty themes, explicit adult content, and sophisticated social commentary, then you’ll love Gene Head’s howlingly uncompromising scorcher.

Literary Agents!

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