Gene Head

Photo Credit | Giselle Peters

Mailman, bank clerk, fiction writer. 

Over the last two decades, I’ve turned my hand to all manner of jobs – some more pleasant than others – as I’ve explored the varied milieu of working life in Australia.

An avid collector of human experiences, I’ve distilled these insights into my writing, lending a palpable grit to the characters we meet along the way.

Some call me a professional knockabout, but hey, it makes for great stories.

“My current influences include, Mikhail BulgakovChuck PalahniukCharles Bukowski, and Franz Kafka. My work might be defined as Dirty Realism.” – Gene Head

Never one to choose a single creative pursuit when I can have two, I’m also an accomplished artist with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration.

One of only 25 recipients (from 15,000 entries) of the Minister’s Award for Excellence in Art two years running, my artwork has been featured in counterculture periodicals such as the popular American quarterly Tiki Magazine USA.

My writing creds

Selected short publications printed in:

  • Torpedo #6 The Bullet (Monkey Vs Falcon) AUS (pen name Joshua Okokin)
  • Yuck #7 (Milk Shadow Books) AUS (pen name Joshua Head).

Author of the following new novellas:

  • Kill Switch
  • Supercilious
  • The Orchard
  • Nudie Mag

Seeking a literary wingman

These days, you can find me and my lady living and working in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast, ready to soar to publishing glory with a like-minded literary agent.